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COVID – 19


Due to the implementation of stage 4 restrictions we have changed our operating process and procedures.

As of 8:30AM Thursday 6 Aug 2020 we will be operating as follows,

Retail/sales outlet as “pay and collect” only via phone and email or click and collect (Stihl Click & Collect tab as below)

Workshop/repair facilities as in house only service for customers jobs currently in our system. New workshop bookings will be limited to trade customers only.


For phone sales, general enquiries or further clarification on our current operating procedures contact us via phone.

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03 5941 1344
STIHL Click & Collect
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Pakenham Mowers & Chainsaws are committed to providing a safe work environment for our staff and a professional and safe service to our customers. Please assist us in ensuring we can deliver on our commitment.

Self Service Section

Check out our free Self Service Sheets and Handy Tips:
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Recent News

We have a new look showroom now. Please come on by and visit us sometime...


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